The Center for Political Research and Documentation (KEPET) is a Research Laboratory of the Department of Political Science of University of Crete (Government Gazette 231A / 13-9-2002).

It is currently integrated and located at the Joint Research Centre of the University of Crete at Rethymnon, namely the CENTER for RESEARCH & STUDIES in Humanities, Social Sciences & Pedagogics of the University of Crete (UCRC).

Professor Nikos E. Papadakis(View CV) (Director of the KEDIVIM-UoC) is the Director of KEPET.

KEPET serves both academic and research needs of the Department of Political Science and other Departments of the University of Crete on issues related to the collection and processing of political data at local, national and European level. The objectives of the laboratory also entail the conduct and elaboration of studies, the collaboration in any form with research centers and academic institutions, the organization of scientific lectures, the provision of services in other institutions, etc. The laboratory focuses on the following research fields:

European Policy
Comparative Political Analysis
Public policies
Sustainable development
Human Resource Development (HRD)
Multiculturalism and Public Policy

Center for Research and Studies
Governance, Sustainability and Regional Innovation
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